How to develop an Equity Indicators tool in your city

Equity Indicators tools are developed through a collaborative, iterative process involving input from local government, community members, and non-profits, in addition to examination of local disparities and government priority areas.

While the steps in the process may change somewhat depending on local context and need, there are seven primary steps in the general process:

  1. Researching local inequities, disadvantaged groups, and governmental priorities and areas of focus.
  2. Based on what has been learned during the research phase, creating a draft framework for the tool.
  3. Soliciting feedback from a wide range of stakeholders, including government agencies, community members, and non-profits, ranging from service providers to research and policy groups.
  4. Revising the draft framework in accordance with the feedback received.
  5. Testing the indicators: assessing the availability and quality of regularly-collected data, and evaluating the potential value of each indicator once a data source has been identified.
  6. Revising and soliciting additional feedback as needed.
  7. Finalizing the tool.

Questions to consider

  • How will an Equity Indicators tool be used in your city? And more specifically, how will your city government use the tool? How will it be integrated into other City initiatives?
  • Who will be responsible for maintaining the Equity Indicators tool in your city?
  • When will data be updated, and how will it be made available to the public?

Working with the CUNY Institute for State and Local Governance

The Equity Indicators are adaptable to any U.S. or international city. Whether your city is rural or urban, data rich or data poor, we will work with you to design a relevant and meaningful framework.

Our team has deep expertise in indicator development. We will collaborate with you at every stage of tool development, from the planning to the implementation stage. We can also work with you on funding strategies.

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